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Site Reliability Engineer (Permanent)
San Diego Metro Area
Applications – DevOps - Technology
JN -112020-4383

This is a PERMANENT role. Our client is currently seeking a Site Reliability Engineer. Below is a BRIEF job description. Please contact us for more information on this role and client.    

Essential Job Functions:  

  • Identify possible issues in processing of provided data 

  • Review data order results to ensure data matches aggregate outputs 

  • Manage manual data transfers where client hasn’t implemented API 

  • Conduct internal audits for compliance 

  • Automate repetitive processes 

  • Manage research projects in relation to new vendors 

  • Build and maintain CI/CD processes 

  • Prepare internal documentation on workflows 

  • Update customer support team on system operations 

  • Build and maintain internal development toolset 


  • Must have experience with Kubernetes 

  • Minimum of three years of experience in IT operations, DevOps, or software engineering 

  • Must have strong Unix shell scripting skills 

  • Development background with Python or Node is highly desired 

  • Must have knowledge of container orchestration systems 

  • Must have decent SQL skills 

  • Experience with metric aggregation logic 

  • Experience working with cloud-based systems is highly desired 

  • Ability to dig into micro-level data to comprehend aggregates is necessary 

  • Knowledge of infrastructure-as-code tools is preferred 

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